How is Sahaj Paisa different from other financial institutions?


Sahaj Paisa products have been designed and tailor suited to a specific type of borrower to give them maximum economic output. We provide Education loan at 0% interest rate, which is a boon to students and parents aspiring for a quality education. It is also highly beneficial to education institutions as it ensures a steady cash flow for smooth operations. Moreover, having us on board as a financial partner would lead to increase in the number of students enrolling into their institution. Subsequently, our personal loan category has been designed to cater to salaried employees who are looking to borrow a small amount for a short-term period. The process is simple and requires minimum documentation and no collateral. Disbursements can happen in 24 hours.


How can you help me save money?


Education loan is available at 0% interest, presents the borrower an economic freedom to use personal capital for business growth. Subsequently, Personal loan helps increase the purchasing power of the borrower at favorable interest rates. Moreover, there is only a one time 2% processing fee charged by us. There are no other hidden costs.

Is Sahaj Paisa a funded organization?


Yes, Sahaj Paisa is backed by institutional lenders.

How do I invest in Sahaj Paisa from outside India?

Sahaj Paisa has a partner NBFC, which can take foreign investments for growth. The commercials will depend on the discussions.

What investments do you offer?

Sahaj Paisa offers all investors a flat 12% per annum return on their investments regardless of market fluctuations from the day of the investment. The returns would be paid out annually.

Can I pull out my investment at any given time?

All investments will be made with a 3-year lock in period. During which the investor will be given an annual return. Post 3 years, the investor will have a choice to continue or take an exit.

Is my Data protected?

We respect your privacy and safeguard your information with industry standard protocols and encryption. We do not sell your data to any third-party vendor. All data is collected and stored securely in our systems for reference only. We do not deal in data in any manner.

What if I am unable to meet my loan payment deadline?

Incase a borrower is unable to meet a payment deadline; a penalty fee would be applied.

What should I do if I have a complaint about Sahaj Paisa?

You can contact our customer service at any time during working hours to help resolve any issue you may have pertaining to your loan. You can always reach out to our customer care team for any queries and complaints. They are available on the following email id: contactus@sahajpaisa.com